Interested in Exploring the Benefits of #DigitalTransformation ?

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Are you interested in exploring the benefits of #DigitalTransformation for your small business? 


The Digital Transformation grant provides $2,500 to each qualifying small main street Ontario business to purchase and adopt digital tools and technologies. There are ONLY 2000 grants available until March 2020 –  The application deadline is Dec 31st, so apply EARLY. To start the process to apply for a Digital Transformation Grant as a main street business visit here


1. Determine if you are eligible as a ‘main street business.' If you've reviewed the requirements, but are still unsure, feel free to reach out to OBBIA for clarification. > [email protected]

2. Visit and sign up as a' main street business' to begin the process.

You will gain access to submit a grant application once you have completed our ‘digital readiness' assessment et formation en ligne in full.  


3. Submit your application for the #DigitalMainStreet Ontario Grant ASAP! Download and fill out this plan de transformation numérique as you watch the training videos and complete the quizzes. There are ONLY 2000 grants available until March 2020, so apply EARLY.

4. You will NOT receive notification that your grant application has been received and won't hear back about your application immediately. Please expect this process to take a minimum of two weeks,  You may choose to reach out to OBIAA to inquire about your application directly via email > [email protected]

5. If your application is accepted you will immediately be prompted to begin your monthly reporting process. Please reach out to OBIAA if there are any issues with completion or questions during this period.

6. We encourage you to join our community online by sharing stories from your digital transformation journey us our hahstag: #digitalmainstreet. Also, be sure to follow us on social for community updates!




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For a more granular breakdown of this process including specifics of the grant application please review this PDF

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