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Emplacement du siège social : Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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50% off Small Business Ad Campaign/SEO Management for First 3 Months

Drive high converting natural and paid traffic to your site with Mr.Webs Digital Ad Management and SEO services.

Mr.Web offers month to month no contract ad campaign and SEO managment. To help new small businesses and small businesses affected by COVID-19 we are offering 50% off our month to month managment for the first 3 months. Our regular price is $1000 per month however with our promotion the you will pay only $500 a month for up to 3 months!


Ad Managment

-up to 3 campaigns 

-experianced in a variety of platforms including but not limited to: Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

-keyword/keyphrase research included

-weekly monitoring to ensure performance


SEO Plan


Phase 1 (Research/On-Site SEO) 


Keyword/Keyphrase Research: We will identify the top keywords and keyphrases that your potential clients are most likely to look for.


SEO Optimized Page Titles/Descriptions: We will optimize your page titles/descriptions to help with your rankings


Speed Testing: We will test your site speed and implement solutions to reduce loading time if website load time is an issue


Keyword Implementation: We will suggest where and how to implement related keyword/phrases on your site pages


Blog: We will assist you in setting up your blog and assist you in creating SEO friendly titles/topics as well as keywords to implement in your blog posts. 


Outbound Links: We will assist you on creating outbound links in order to boost your sites credibility with search engines such as google,bing etc. 


Page Layout/Mobile Optimization: We will analyze your site’s layout as well as the layout on mobile devices to ensure it is user friendly and engaging on all screen sizes/devices.


Photo SEO: We will ensure you photos have SEO friendly file names, titles, descriptions, alt text.


Phase 2 (Local SEO)


Local SEO Listings: We will set-up your google my business listing as well as your bing places listing. We can also use a variety of other local listing tools such as Apple Maps, Yelp Etc. Once created we will optimize your local listings using keyword/keyphrase integration and other tools unique to each listings platform. 


Local SEO keywords/Keyphrases: We will identify effective local search keyphrases. For example someone looking for a resume writer in toronto might search for “resume writer Toronto” or “resume services Toronto”.


NAP Citations: We will set-up business info citations on various platforms including your corporate Facebook page and other relevant business directories. We will also ensure your citations are consistent across websites/platforms. For example if your company phone number is 4168584855 and it is showing up as 4160000000 on your corporate Facebook page this would be an incorrect citation.


Phase 3 (Off-Page SEO) 


High quality Natural Inbound Links: We will assist you in creating high quality inbound links to your site. An example of a high quality link would be a related blog such as indeed.coms blog mentioning you in one of their blog articles and providing a link to your site on that blog post. Another example of a high quality link would be a link in a news article.


Manually Built Inbound Links: We will assist in getting your clients and others to share your site links. Not only will this boost your overall SEO rankings it will also expose your link to many other potential clients. 


Phase 4 (Social Media SEO)


Having active social media accounts will boost your brand SEO. We will ensure you social media accounts are SEO friendly by:


-Suggesting Effective Keywords/Key Phrases/Hashtags

-implementing links to you site

-adding citations 

-offering engaging content or post suggestions 


Phase 4 (Competitor SEO Analysis)


We will analysis the SEO techniques being used by your top competitors by:


-Checking their inbound/outbound links

-Analyzing their on page keywords

-Analyzing their social media pages/content

-Analyzing their website structure/design


Phase 5 (Ongoing SEO Improvements/Support)

Once the main structure of your SEO plan is initialized we will constantly build on it by:


-implementing keywords/phrases based on trends/current topics etc

-conducting ongoing research on competitors

-building more high quality links

-utilizing new tools 


Have questions? Not sure what ad/SEO management is? Not sure if you need ad/SEO management?

Contact us for a free consultation or visit our website at

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