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Julia Borgini - Content Marketer

Nombre d'années d'activité : 5 et moins
Emplacement du siège social : Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Blogging or Email Newsletter Strategy

Level up your business through consistent business blog content.

A blog management strategy can help evolve your business. It’s a strategy you can rely on to educate prospects, demonstrate your business knowledge and thought leadership, and stay in touch with your customer.

Whether you publish a blog on your site or use the content for an email newsletter, a blog management strategy helps you get back to your core business while developing your online presence every day.

Are you struggling with any of these issues?

You can’t blog frequently enough: You’re a busy business owner that just doesn’t have time to blog on a regular basis. You’d love to stay in touch with your prospects and customers, but just don’t have the time. 

You’re writing about the wrong topics: Many businesses are too focused on SEO, and end up writing nonsense posts that get lots of one-time visitors. No one’s sticking around to read more. Or they’re too focused on SELLING in each and every post. There’s nothing worse that being sold to in every. single. post. 

You’re not a professional writer: And that’s okay. One of the biggest benefits of a business blog is pulling back the curtain on all the wonderful people that work for your business. Giving readers an insight into what makes your business special and that it’s staffed by real people. The drawback to this is that many of these people aren’t professional writers. You know your business & market very well, you’re just not good at talking about it in every day terms.

Stop letting these issues get in the way of growing your business online

And start running a blog marketing strategy (or email newsletter strategy) that grows your business. A strategy you can rely on – that’s managed by a professional copywriter who writes custom blog posts just for you and your customers.

My clients rely on me to stock their business blogs with great content on a regular basis while they focus on their business. A business blog management strategy helps you get back to your core business, while at the same time creates new and fresh content for your websites.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

I’ll get you set up with a regular blogging or email newsletter strategy that will let you get back to your core business 



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