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CyberPR Army

Nombre d'années d'activité : 6 - 15
Emplacement du siège social : Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada


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Digital Adoption services and training

Our broad range of digital adoption services will help you get your business online, choose systems that work for you, boost your visibility, and train your staff for tasks that stay in-house.

We know your business wants to maximize its potential and that means customer visibility and seamless processes that don’t take up your valuable time.

Our digital adoption services are broken into 5 key areas:

  • Communications – chatbots, virtual phone numbers, WhatsApp integrations, Slack, online surveys etc.
  • Marketing – websites, SEO, online video, social media, email marketing, marketing automation software etc.
  • E-commerce – online stores, social media stores, print-on-demand stores, order automation, online payment options etc.
  • Management & Productivity – Microsoft Office, GSuite, time-tracking software, project management software, accounting software, online collaboration tools, internet security, choosing hardware, staff and management training etc.
  • Analytics & Data Management – Password security, cloud storage, website analytics, social media analytics, online data backup etc.

Whether you are looking for guidance on the right steps for your business, system setup and implementation or training for you or your staff, we are happy to help you with your digital adoption journey.

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