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Nombre d'années d'activité : 5 et moins
Emplacement du siège social : London, Ontario


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Send the right emails to the right people all the time, every time

Sending generic email newsletters to everyone and anyone is a thing of the past. It can even be an annoyance for your prospects/customers. Email marketing in today’s world is all about personalisation and customisation.

Did you know that addressing an email with the contact first name is no longer considered a personalised email? It’s all about sending emails with the right content that your prospects or customers needs and want to see. 

Now you may be thinking, how will you know what email to send out to engage with your subscribers? The answer is actually straightforward:

  • Make sure you ask the right questions either at the time of sign up 

  • Set up a customer experience automation to build your customer profile

  • Do A/B testing to get qualitative and quantifiable results​

Having the right data on your subscribers should enable you to send email campaigns that your clients will thank you for and be excited to click on your email when it hits their inbox.

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