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Set It Up Website Optimization

Nombre d'années d'activité : 5 et moins
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Full Service Agency

Set It Up Website Optimization, Marketing & Social Media Management Agency

Set It Up website optimization, Marketing & Social Media Management Agency 

This is for all businesses to get a complete A to Z service.



Step 1: Itroduction Meeting

We hop on a Zoom meeting together so you and your team can present your business to the Set It Up team.

We begin by visualising and understand what your goals and your vision are first to best serve you.

We then can start building together a plan for your website and all requirments needed for this project.


Step 2: Identifiction & Planning

After deciding on a creative plan we can then start precisely identifying your needs and make a concrete plan of action.

  • Web design
  • Call to action
  • Webflow (pages)
  • Platform selection
  • Target market identification
  • Sale funnel design
  • Payment method selection
  • Calander & Scheduling implementatin
  • Marketing strategy basics
  • Project budgeting
  • Marketing budgeting

Step 3: Website Building & Social Media Set Up

Our team goes in creation mode and builds your website, set up your google my business account, set up your social media accounts and meta business suites accounts.

  • Aquire Domain name
  • Build website
  • Set upMeta busisness suite
  • Set up Google my business
  • Links your accounts together
  • Create proffesional emails
  • Secure website SSL
  • Hosting Services (Fastest download speeds)

Step 4: Integration

Our team integrates all aspects of your business into the website for complet functionality.

  • Secure Payment Proccesing (Including Crypto)
  • Calander & Scheduling
  • Linktree
  • CRM 
  • Analitics
  • SEO

Step 5: Revision Meeting

At this point our team has finished your website and is fully set up to start promoting.

We go through everything making sure you are satified with our work and taking note of any changes you desire.

Our work come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarentee.


 Step 6: Marketing

On our first meeting we had discussed goals and call to action and found your business needs.

Our team has done reseach for your target market and came up with some call to actions, 

We then work together to create text for your ads and social media. Using the best hashtags and shceduling method to get the best convertions.

Then Comes the set up

  • Google ads
  • Meta business ads
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting

We Aim for a Vector 10 ROI

We open your ads daily and monitor them, modify when needed and keep tweeking until maximum results are acheived.


Step 7: Launch

Very straight fowrard step.

After revising everything we are now ready to Launch




3… 2.. 1  Let’s Set It Up



On commence?

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