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Search Engine Optimization

A Page 1 ranking on Google has become the Holy Grail of Online Marketing. Optimizing your website for search engine ranking is how you get there.



“Having a website that can’t be found is like having a brochure locked up in a cabinet”

A Page 1 ranking on Google has become the Holy Grail of Online Marketing. Optimizing your website for search engine ranking is how you get there.

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As a business owner, you’ll see Online Marketing as an investment which should lead to more email inquiries, more phone calls, and more sales. We get more leads for your business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We do this by completely aligning your online presence with the objective of search engines such as Google, which is to present the most relevant content to the web user. In other words, search engines rank websites to give customers the best results for their searches. 


The first step is to find out how your customers want to find you online. We create a comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy for your company, with the goal to improve your online visibility, improve search engine ranking, and ultimately get more targeted website traffic and leads from your website.
We only use ‘white hat’ techniques, to ensure that the reputation of your website is consistently improving. Unfortunately, we still see many search engine optimization projects where ‘SEO specialists’ try to gain a competitive advantage by trying to outsmart the search engines. These practices are unsustainable in the long run, and in many cases have produced negative results when search engines, in particular Google, made changes to their search algorithms.
A good example is the collecting of backlinks, which are links from other websites or directories to your site. These backlinks are an important ranking factor. Simply put: the more other websites refer to your site and the better the reputation of those sites, the better the reputation of your website. SEO companies have been known to purchase or exchange these backlinks instead of earning them for the quality of the content. When Google added the reputation of the referring website to its algorithm such purchased backlinks became useless, resulting in a dramatic drop in search engine ranking. 
To keep up with Google you need more than adjusting your SEO techniques to every update of the Google algorithms. You need a strategy that is geared to long-term results by providing the best possible results for the searches of your audience.
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