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The Growth & Conquer Package

This package will not just make you look good as a business, it will help you grow your bottom line by attracting new clients, retaining existing clients and keeping competitors on the side lines.

This package is all about short, informative, cinematically beautiful videos that you have on hand to roll out every Monday morning of the year. Whether you opt for the full package of 52 small bit size videos or a package of 20 and replay them once you’ve run through them all. These 15-30 second clips are friendly across all social media channels, catchy, cheeky and high end. They will be that weekly reminder to your followers and future followers that your business is where one should be shopping/hiring. 

This is a campaign, it’s thought out from the very first meeting to create content for you that is branded, has a great flow, tells a story and delivers info to your clients without them realizing that they actually just viewed a commercial. And you give the ‘wow’ factor to your audience with a new deliverable each week. 

These campaigns are shot over the course of a 2 week period and then they are done, all at once, stress free. From start to finish our team doens’t miss a beat and we take 100% of the stress off of your shoulders and deliver these clips to you uploaded to your channels ready to use. It’s that easy.


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