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Prime Focus Productions

Nombre d'années d'activité : 6 - 15
Emplacement du siège social : Trenton, Ontario, Canada


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Video Production to help share your story

We create videos for your business to use on websites, social media, broadcast and other video platforms. Video is a very effective tool to showcase and demonstrate value of a service or product.

Our turn-key solutions are customized based on your business and what you want to accomplish.    Whether a single video for your Home Page or a series of videos to help guide people through your products and services, we aim to create an effective tool in your communications.  

Discovery Meetings – Identify goals and make a plan!

Scripting/Storyboarding – Laying out your messaging to ensure we start in the right direction

Production – Using the latest in digital cinema technology, we create something useful with our artistry and technical prowess.

Editing – Much like music, the flow of your video is important and essential to how your audience will experience your messaging.  People will forget what you tell them, but remember how you make them feel.  

Revisions – You have final say if you’re happy with the video.  2 rounds of revision list edits will ensure the messaging is on point and we are delivering a quality-controlled product!

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