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Christine Jermyn Explores The Miracle of Nature Through Painting

par Digital Main Street   |   20 décembre 2021   |   Partager :  

Christine Jermyn is a Toronto-based artist who is passionate about expressing the miracle of nature through painting. She strives to represent the fragile beauty of nature in modes that are colourful, expressive, and accessible. 

She spent her childhood painting and spent her life wanting to be an artist, but for the longest time it wasn’t her reality. When Christine was diagnosed with a chronic illness, it was bittersweet news. She had to leave her job and welcomed art back into her life. 

Christine rides the ebbs and flow of her chronic illness, but art has become her lifeline and means of coping. She feels lucky to have art in her life. Christine loves colour, and the brighter the better. She hopes through her painting that she can bring colour into people’s homes and joy into their lives.

“There is nothing to compare with the feeling I have when someone loves one of my paintings enough to buy it and look at it every day on their wall.” 

After exhibitions were cancelled due to the pandemic, Christine felt an online presence was an essential way to promote her art in lieu of cancelled events. She discovered the ShopHERE powered by Google program and signed up.

The ShopHERE program helped Christine build a custom online store that she can now proudly and confidently refer people to. 

“With the huge increase in online sales, ShopHERE provides the technical help and support to help you create your online store in order to compete in these difficult times.”

Christine says she could not have achieved the same result of having a professional storefront and website without the help of the ShopHERE Program. She found her eCommerce Coordinator helpful and motivating.

“There were several times when we had problems that I felt like giving up but my eCommerce Coordinator encouraged me to persist while she found solutions for the issue.”

During the website creation process, Christine spent more time on her computer than creating art, but now that she has a website, she can spend more time in the studio and make more sales. She’s received many compliments about her website since completing the program.

Christine identifies her biggest challenge as sales and marketing. However, she appreciates the continued resources she has access to through Digital Main Street that will help her overcome these challenges.

Her advice to other artists is to seek out artists and art groups to connect, collaborate, and provide moral support for each other. Being an artist can be a solitary occupation, but social media makes this easier. Christine is an active member of the Art Tour Collective, which is a west-end Toronto community-based art group. 

You can find Christine’s paintings on her website, together with apparel and accessories printed with her art at If you are an artist or small business owner who wants to take your business online, you can apply for the ShopHERE powered by Google program sur ce site.

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