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Supplying Alchemists and Artificers: Emporium Vitreum

par Jake Nigh   |   13 février 2024   |   Partager :  

Have you ever wondered where an artisan gets their materials or learns how to create their art? Emporium Vitreum is a Toronto-based enamel supply company founded in 2009 to supply enamellists with materials, tools, and expertise. In 2023, new owner Caroline Andrews decided that it was time to modernize the business by revamping the website and expanding her product range to serve other artisans including jewellers and glass artists. Andrews was overwhelmed by the prospect of developing a brand-new website. That is when a friend told her about the ShopHERE powered by Google Program.  

The art of enamelwork involves using intense heat to fuse metal objects with vitreous glazes to create brilliantly coloured decorative artworks – a process that requires several unique and high-quality materials. It is in this space that Emporium Vitreum got its start. When Andrews purchased the business, she recognized that the enamel supply industry is a niche market with little room for expansion. Andrews decided to expand the supply business into other niche artisan markets.  

This expansion plan involved developing a brand-new website that would streamline customer acquisition and transactions while allowing Andrews to keep up with shipping and inventory. A friend told her about how the ShopHERE powered by Google Program might be able to help get her started. While she didn’t know what to expect, Andrews jumped in with both feet. With support from a dedicated E-Commerce Coordinator, she was able to develop an e-commerce plan consisting of website development, digital marketing, and Google services. It may have been overwhelming at first, but her coordinator was able to break down the project into manageable tasks.  

“[My coordinator] was absolutely fantastic! [They were] so knowledgeable, understanding, and motivating. They kept me on track in such a fun way and were so great about reminding me what needed to be done… I looked forward to our meetings and always got my ‘homework’ done so I could be ready for our next session” 

After working with her E-Commerce Coordinator to select a platform, Andrews was guided through the process of importing all her customers and products from her previous website. Her coordinator was able to give her insights on all of the relevant e-commerce platform tools and functionality as well. Since the website was launched, Andrews and her customers have been very impressed with the looks and functionality of the new site.  

Andrews also took advantage of the digital marketing resources that accompany the program. She was astonished by how much could be customized and analyzed through modern marketing platforms. Andrews is looking forward to implementing this knowledge in the future as her digital presence grows and adjusts to its new platform.  

As the ShopHERE powered by Google Program wrapped up, Andrews reflected upon the growth that the business has experienced during its time in the program.  

“I think that the ShopHERE Program is such an amazing program for small business owners who want to develop an online presence or upgrade their existing. I feel like I cannot say enough good things about it!” 

Since getting the store up and running, Andrews has reported increased sales, communication, and community. This is not the end of the journey for Emporium Vitreum. Andrews has recognized that her website’s blog has contributed to her growing network, and she is committed to uploading content to grow that community.  

Andrews has one piece of advice for small business owners:

“Sign up now for the ShopHERE Program!” 

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in enamelwork, please check out Emporium Vitreum for all of the materials, tools, and advice that you require. Curious to see these materials in action? Check out the business’s Instagram for the latest artwork and updates.  

To learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google Program, please visit ici. 

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