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Gaye Boston, owner of GayeWrites is Making Childhood Great Again Through Advocacy, Coaching and Laundry

par Joelle Awad   |   28 juin 2023   |   Partager :  

GayeWrites, owned by Gaye Boston, is a pro-publication, coaching and clothing business with the mission of advocating justice for and providing resources for childhood sexual assault survivors. GayeWrites provides an encyclopedia of writings and publications to help survivors, including a minilecture series by Gaye, “Making Childhood Great Again’ which focuses on Gaye’s personal experience and two missions; Bed Peace and Hair Peace, which you can learn more about on their website.  

The business also sells an eco-friendly, mostly unisex clothing line ‘Zen Laundry” which symbolizes “our desire to keep our clothing as clean as we keep our spirits- freshly washed, in that we keep our negative thoughts squashed.” In addition to clothing, you can also find vintage laundry signs for sale on the website, “GayeWrites loves everything laundry as it unites us all.”  

Gaye had a desire to spread her important message and reach a larger audience, but despite best efforts had ‘failed attempts’ at launching a website on their own. Fortunately, that’s when Gaye discovered the ShopHERE powered by Google Program. 

The ShopHere Program powered by Google helps build and launch online stores for independent small businesses and artists at no cost helping them reach local and global customers. Program participants receive 1:1 support from an e-Commerce advisor coordinator, including training in website management, digital marketing, shipping, inventory management and much more. 

Gaye recognized that the program aligned with their goal of launching an e-Commerce site. To best support their unique business needs, Gaye was matched with a dedicated e-Commerce coordinator.  Gaye said that their e-commerce coordinator was

“professional and (an) extremely patient caring tutor, who helped me feel less anxious.” 

Gaye reflects that the program provided crucial information to help take the business to the next level. The program gave Gaye the support to build upon her strengths as an artist and partner with a dropship company, which allows Gaye to design and ship clothing without having to stock physical products. 

With the support of her e-Commerce coordinator, Gaye was able to create a Shopify website that captures all the unique elements of GayeWrites. Gaye says the most valuable part of the website building experience was “building the site itself from the backend and seeing it for what it is” so that they now understand how to use the website moving forward. 

When asked, Gaye rated their experience with the ShopHERE program as a 5/5.

“In 1 word: Amazing! In 2 words: Life Changing!” says Gaye.  

Now that GayeWrites’ website is live, their next step as a ShopHERE program graduate is to continue focusing on putting the program’s learnings into practice. Especially with marketing and SEO to further enhance their digital presence and new website, says Gaye. “That ShopHERE has a marketing and branding aspect to its program allows for me to have more mental mobility to maneuver using SEO…” 

Are you interested in learning more about Gaye Boston and her advocacy work? Visit Gaye Writes  

Want to learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google program? Please Click Here. 

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