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Casting Their Love For Fishing Across Canada

par Michelle Foster   |   29 juin 2023   |   Partager :  

Founded by two Ontarians, Last Cast is a Canadian-owned and operated fishing apparel company for the relentless angler. Their business offers an array of trendy clothing, headwear, and accessories for anyone who enjoys fishing and the outdoors.  

LastCast’s gear can be spotted throughout the country. From the water of the Kawarthas, out West on the Fraser River, or on the ice in Lake of the Woods. If you look, you will be sure to find the LastCastCrew.  

 The love of nature, competition, or even just spending time with friends and family is what fueled this company to share their love for fishing with everyone.  

The amazing gear from LastCast helps to keep you comfortable all day so you can get the maximum amount of fishing in! Their goal is to bring their apparel designs to anglers and have them be both practical and comfortable for life in Canada, on and off the water. From the hottest days on the boat, to the sub-zero temperatures on the hard water and everything in between. From the first cast in the morning to the bonfire at night, they have you covered.  

When LastCast signed up for the ShopHERE powered by Google program they had no previous experience with eCommerce. They felt they needed all the help they could get, with no brick and mortar location their goal was to sell online to the public and expand their audience. LastCast feels that with the assistance of the program they have learned how to build an online store, and how to continue to build and develop their online business at the pace that suits them.   

Kelley says the ShopHERE experience was, 

 “…seamless. As two individuals with full-time jobs and families to take care of, along with this business, it was hard to find time for anything. But with the help and patience of our coordinator, we slowly built the website step by step at the pace we needed. We were never rushed and eventually built up enough content to launch the site along with our social media pages.” 

Throughout the ShopHERE Program Kelley worked alongside Akshay, a ShopHERE eCommerce Coordinator. Kelley’s experience with Akshay was awesome!  

“…he helped us at a pace we needed. He answered every question we had in detail and supported us with his glowing positivity.” 

When Kelley and his team had completed the ShopHERE  experience, they felt that their new online website was exactly what they had pictured. Going forward, they plan on taking advantage of their new skills and adding additional features like a blog, and video content.  

When asked if Kelley had any advice for other small business owners, he said  

“Always remember to follow your passion. If you are truly passionate about something then you will succeed and have fun doing it. Things won't always go as planned and you WILL fail at times, but you cannot let these moments break you. It's kind of like fishing in a way. Sometimes you get skunked but there will always be learning moments and eventually, you WILL catch the trophy fish!” 

To learn more about LastCast, browse products and purchase your own gear, please visit If you enjoyed learning about Kelley's experience with the program, and are interested in signing up you can do so by visiting the ShopHERE powered by Google program website by clicking  sur ce site

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