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Moving into a Digital Mindset

par Juliana Restrepo   |   21 juin 2023   |   Partager :  

Amanda Dass’ journey toward starting her own business began with personal exploration. 

Dass started her Scarborough-based business,  Movement, Meditation and Mindset because they are passionate about supporting emotional wellness for children and adults. 

 Through movement, meditation, and mindfulness, Dass found they could quiet their mind and tap into a more profound sense of calm and clarity; They also found that they could share their learnings with “youths, teenagers and adults by enabling them to develop a growth mindset while on the mat.”  Creating this business was Dass’ way of healing herself and others suffering from mental health.

Dass’s journey with the ShopHERE powered by Google Program involved a different kind of movement; Dass worked alongside their e-Commerce Coordinator to move the mat practice into a mindful, digital presence. Dass says this on their positive experience with their Coordinator:

“(The e-Commerce Coordinator) took the time to explain each feature pertinent to building (their) website.”  

For Dass, having a website means they can finally feel like an entrepreneur because, through her site, they can share what they do and why they do it. Even though her experience as a business owner has been a “rollercoaster, mentally,” having a website has allowed Dass to share more of their business with their audience, even information they didn’t have access to in the past. 

For small businesses like Amanda’s, the ShopHERE program can help them find their digital voice and allows them to share their message with their audience through the right channels.  

Dass believes other businesses can benefit from the ShopHERE program because it is an excellent investment for their business. “Plus, it’s free!”   

They also expressed that the ShopHERE program's support empowered them to move past the limiting beliefs that “can occur at any time.” Having step-by-step support from their advisor equipped Dass with the knowledge necessary to build and manage their website, even when, in the beginning, they “(were) new to all of this.”  

 After moving through several obstacles, Amanda Dass found the clarity and inspiration needed to build their business and continued their entrepreneurial journey with the support of the ShopHERE program. In the end, with the support from their e-Commerce Coordinator, they were empowered to create a website “that (they) had envisioned for (their) business.”  

After their experience with the program, Dass’s advice for other small businesses looking to navigate eCommerce and digital marketing is to “not let those fears stand in their way of moving their vision forward.” In Dass’s case, moving past those fears allowed them to move their practice into an online presence that will connect her to those needing her services.  

To connect with Movement, Meditation and Mindset, visit their website ici. To learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google Program, please click ici.  

About Digital Main Street

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