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Bringing Ancestral Wellness and Knowledge to Canada

par Ariane Ignacio   |   14 septembre 2022   |   Partager :  

Chantelle Selkridge, the owner of Rooted Bush Tea based in Brampton, ON aspired to bring her heritage of Caribbean Tea to Canada. She wanted to bring light to the ancestral wellness associated with herbal teas from the Caribbean. Through the ShopHERE powered by Google program and with the help of her eCommerce Coordinator, she was able to bring her vision to life.  

Chantelle noticed a gap in the market for Caribbean herbal blends and saw an opportunity to start a company that makes quality tea blends. Rooted Bush Tea specializes in making small-batch herbal tea blends with imported herbs from the Caribbean. Her business also brings awareness to Caribbean herbs and wellness education.  

“I started Rooted Bush Tea after wanting to connect to the wellness knowledge of my Ancestors. I realized there was a lack of Caribbean herbal blends here and decided to start a Company that imported quality herbs, which we in the Caribbean call “Bush”.” 

Setting up a new eCommerce store can be overwhelming and daunting for a small business owner, with the help of the ShopHERE powered by Google program, Chantelle gained the confidence she needed to run her new online store!  She also said that taking advantage of the promotions offered through the program helped a lot to relieve the financial burden of being a small business owner. Along with her new eCommerce site, she was also able to create an events page to advertise different tea parties and events hosted by the business.

By working with the ShopHERE powered by Google program, Chantelle was able to bring the vision for her brand to life.  She says she loved her experience and her eCommerce Coordinator made the transition to a new website seamless and straightforward.  

“Brittany used my colours and understood my business and set up pictures that aligned well.”  

When asked why other businesses should use ShopHERE and Chantelle shared,

“The real question is why not?! It's free and helpful. Your website is built without the learning curbs of doing it all with no help. And ready to run smoothly.” 

Not only did her eCommerce Coordinator help her bring her vision to life, but she also taught Chantelle how to navigate and customize her website to ensure lasting success.  The meetings went very smoothly, her questions were answered, and she appreciated that they were recorded so she could reference back to them if needed. With the help of her eCommerce Coordinator, Chantelle was able to set up her website successfully.  

“I get my brand represented how I envisioned.” 

If you would like to learn more about Rooted Bush Tea or would like to purchase some of their delicious herbal tea blends visit their website ici.  If you are a small business looking to get started on building an online store or are interested in the ShopHERE powered by Google Program you can find more information ici. 

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