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Toronto-Based Skincare Brand Makes Your Skin Soft Like Butter

par Gloria Gao   |   27 juillet 2021   |   Partager :  

We’ve all had butter on our toast or baked potato, but have you heard of butter for your face? Introducing this Toronto-based skincare brand that offers skin butters to heal all of your marks and scars. Soft & Butter is an Afro-Indigenous owned skincare company that was born out of the pandemic. When founder Jasmine Swimmer struggled to find products to treat her Eczema flare-ups, she went back to her roots and used traditional indigenous herbs to curate her own skin butters. When these products completely cleared up the rashes and Eczema on her new-born baby, she knew that she had to share with the public.

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“Soft & Butter is a celebration of my journey navigating through extreme eczema, motherhood, and reclaiming my Indigenous [and] plant culture through skin care. I want to educate others on Indigenous plant culture and the amazing properties to not only make your skin beautiful but to repair, replenish and rejuvenate damaged skin. Our products are created with BIPOC skin problems in mind and formulated to heal and repair with love.”

Jasmine first began selling her products on Instagram, but shortly recognized the limitations of this platform if she were to grow her brand. She promptly signed up for the ShopHERE Powered by Google Program, where she was connected with eCommerce Coordinator Suvir to create her online store.

“Honestly, at the beginning of this process, I felt so lost and overwhelmed by the task of putting a website together for my business and not knowing where to begin. The ShopHERE Program connected me with amazing support and knowledgeable skills to take my eCommerce business to the next level.”

Together with Suvir, Jasmine created her very own online store using the Square platform. Throughout the process, Suvir addressed all of Jasmine’s concerns in great detail and broke each step down to the simplest level. Jasmine was very involved throughout the entire website-building process and only had positive things to say about working with her eCommerce Coordinator.

“I had great support from my Coordinator Suvir who made everything seamless for me. I am a very hands on person and I love to see the whole process and have input. I was able to work with my Coordinator and create a beautiful eCommerce platform for my customers.”

Moving forward, Jasmine recognizes the difficulty of balancing her role as an entrepreneur and a mother. However, she sees this as an opportunity to continue growing and evolving her brand to keep her customers excited and engaged. With the knowledge gained from the ShopHERE Program, Jasmine is confident in managing her own online store and is ready to tackle any challenges head on.

If you would like to jazz up your skincare routine with some sustainable and natural skin butters, check out Soft & Butter website sur ce site. To learn more about the ShopHERE Powered by Google Program, click sur ce site.

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