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In every corner of the Canadian landscape, there are individuals with hidden talents and the potential to make it on the grand stage. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and their lack of a strong digital presence, it has been immensely difficult for these local artists to adapt to a strategy that will help their artistic entrepreneurship survive the pandemic. This is the prime example of when the DMS Transformation Teams have stepped in to help members of the community digitally transform their small businesses faced with great uncertainty. One team had the pleasure of working with a local Toronto performer named Brant Mathews, who operates his company “The Fire Guy”.


The Fire Guy is a small performative arts enterprise based in the performance of specialized tricks in shows involving fire by owner Brant Mathews. Brant’s business model was based on in-person local shows and event travelling through various local and foreign markets – but COVID-19 left him unable to continue this way. The DMS Transformation Team that Brant was connected with helped him pivot digitally. In particular, the team taught him how to create and maximize social media & e-mail marketing with efficient strategies & templates, as well as assess and improve his website.  


Social media & e-mail marketing are two vital tools for small businesses to expand their brand awareness, retain existing customers, and market their products/services to a wider audience for little to no cost. However, these modern digital tools require a certain amount of knowledge on how to navigate and execute them, as well as maximize their efficiency. The DMS teams are there to help create example campaigns, while also teaching and training the clients on the process so they have those tools to continue utilizing them on their own in the future. 

“I was surprised by the depth of knowledge and insights the team members brought to the table. I learned from each of them. My writing, art, and web design improved from their sharing. I really enjoyed the experience.”

The team’s digital marketer walked Brant through the process of creating and executing social media campaigns: honing in on the target market by selecting the right hashtags, creating a content calendar for consistency, and providing a variety of optimally engaging ad formats as templates. Brant was also shown how to automate his social media posts through platforms such as Additionally, the team assisted Brant in creating an e-mail opt-in on the website, initial e-mail templates & a welcome e-mail, as well as an overall e-mail marketing strategy to carry forward for the future.


“The team has a lot of knowledge to share. They set out the map and now it's my job to drive there.”


The team was also keen to ensure that Brant’s website was top-notch. It’s crucial for a small business adapting to the pandemic with online shows and social media posts, that the customer will be browsing on or brought back to, respectfully, a website that is professional, appealing, and easy to navigate. The UX/UI team reviewed his site and recommended some changes to enhance its functionality and overall appearance. This included transferring in existing content from a previous site, adding in new content, as well as optimizing product listings and pictures to make the site a better foundation for promotion and digital product options.


“As a live fire and light performer, transforming my website and services to a stronger digital presence is so important now. It's still a process, but I'm much more confident now.”


Working with The Fire Guy was a great collaborative effort between the team and the client. Being able to connect with their target audience with a website that is optimized for user experience and executing live online shows, as well as improving their digital marketing during the pandemic, is integral for the survival and future success of this kind of small business. Brant was able to get a deeper understanding of website optimization, as well as gained the confidence to create and run his own social media & e-mail marketing campaigns.  


“I learnt a lot about Future Proofing my company. I would recommend Digital Main Street to any business, especially if they need to expand their web presence.”


To learn more about the Future Proof Program, click here. To browse The Fire Guy website, click here


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