City of Toronto Launches Digital Main Street Lab

by Digital Main Street Digital Main Street   |   September 22, 2016   |   Share this :  

City of Toronto launches the DMS Lab – a new retail tech incubator focused on piloting retail tech with main street businesses.

On Wednesday, September 21, the DMZ at Ryerson University and the City of Toronto/TABIA teamed up to highlight the future of retail tech at the DMZ Industry Night event. Bridging with the successful Digital Main Street (DMS) initiative, this themed Industry Night brought together leading minds in the retail and e-commerce space, top Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) across Toronto and a curated group of startups for a panel discussion, presentations and demos to launch the DMS Lab.

The DMS Lab is a virtual program that builds a partnership between a startup and a BIA to pilot a technology with main street businesses. The DMZ Industry Night event was the first in-take of startups to present their solutions to BIAs and included demonstrations from:  

  • Shoelace helps businesses re-capture visitors who have abandoned their website (a.k.a. retargeting on autopilot).

  • AppMixture is a mobile app builder for ecommerce websites that turns an online shop into a native mobile app with a single click. 

  • Airi is a smart digital marketer in your pocket.  Airi understands exactly what you need to do to be successful in your business.  Airi provides education on how to do it yourself or will do the work for you at a low cost. 

  • ERPlain is an inventory management platform that lets small distributors and wholesalers operate in a more agile and efficient manner, freed from the tedious spreadsheets that once held them captive. 

  • ReUp helps retailers build their very own mobile payment, marketing, and loyalty apps for iOS and Android using unique colours, images, and branding.

  • truRating is the first service to collect accurate customer feedback from the majority of your consumers when they pay, affordably and simply, all while using your existing payment terminals. 

Retail in Toronto is rapidly changing and the DMS Lab aims to make Toronto a leader in retail innovation. The DMS Lab will achieve this by supporting Toronto-based startups to demonstrate and scale their technologies by creating an access point to main street businesses. The DMS Lab also empowers BIAs to leverage tech solutions as a pilot to meet their goals (e.g.: generate more customer traffic and spending in their district).

Digital Main Street will be announcing partnerships formed between startups and BIAs in the coming weeks.

Retailers and small businesses interested in adopting the right digital tools can join Digital Main Street today.

*Photo Credit: Satish Kanwar

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