#DMSF19 Follow Up

by Digital Main Street Digital Main Street   |   May 30, 2019   |   Share this :  

Wrap Up

Check out our quick recap video of the 2019 Digital Main Street Forum below #dmsf19!



Thank You

Thank you to all our team, attendees, speakers, contributors and sponsors. You made the event!




Over 300 were in attendance at the DMS Forum. 

The forum was trending in Toronto on May 10th, with over 300 in attendance, using and sharing “#dmsf19” on social media, creating more than 340k impressions. ⚡️

Check out what attendees had to say about the event on Twitter and Instagram. 



Live Feed

Did you miss out on the forum? Find our recorded event live feed below…



What's Next?

Stay tuned for announcements about next year's forum. If you registered this year, or already subscribe to our newsletter you'll be the first to receive an invite and details.


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Q: Where can I download the slide decks?

A: We're working on it – check back later.


Thanks to our talented Waterloo DSS squad member Felipe Gonzalia For this amazing recap video of our forum on May 10th.

“Our team is excited to be part of the DMS Squad that provides direct support to small businesses within the province! Reach out to the @waterlooregionsbc if you're interested in seeing how #digitalmainstreet can help your small business.” – Felipe 

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