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How Google AI levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes

par Google   |   11 juillet 2023   |   Partager :  

Through these AI-driven solutions, Google is helping small businesses stay competitive with the most sophisticated advertisers, levelling the playing field and helping customers of all sizes to drive business growth in three key ways.

Digital marketing has given millions of businesses around the world access to global markets, and Google believes the best way to support SMBs is by continuing to invest in digital advertising solutions to help our customers grow.

During Google Marketing Live, Google ushered in the next era of AI-powered ads by showing how we’re putting AI front and centre in a marketer’s toolkit.

Through these AI-driven solutions, they're helping businesses of any size stay competitive with the most sophisticated advertisers, levelling the playing field and helping customers of all sizes to drive business growth in three key ways.

1. Google Analytics 4 delivers trust, confidence, and deeper customer insights

Ask any marketer, and they’ll most likely say measurement is critical to optimizing their ads against business goals and proving campaign value. But they also might say that collecting the right data inputs can be an overwhelming task. This is especially true when it comes to gathering first-party data, analyzing it, and applying it to their advertising.

That’s where Google Analytics 4 comes in. It’s a tool that gives marketers actionable insights, which they can quickly apply to their campaigns. Because it’s built with Google AI at its core, it can address any measurement gaps, surface rich customer insights, and help marketers predict future consumer behaviour. All of this empowers marketers to create strategies that will grow customer lifetime value and profitability for their businesses. To take advantage of this latest generation of measurement solutions, marketers just need to upgrade before the July 1 deadline.



2. Google Ads can help businesses bring their brand to life in new, creative ways

You’d be hard-pressed to find a marketer who isn’t short on time and resources. But with the new, conversational experience in Google Ads, business owners and marketers have a collaborative, creative partner that helps them build ad campaigns quickly and drive better performance, all made possible by Google AI. Marketers can simply start a conversation with Google Ads in the same way they would with a colleague and ask the tool to come up with effective keywords, headlines, descriptions, images, and other creative assets. Access to this technology means businesses have a faster, easier way to bring their marketing campaigns to life across multiple channels and formats.


3. Performance Max takes the guesswork out of finding the most valuable customers

Delivering the right message to the right customer at the right moment is every business’ goal. However, as the path to purchase becomes increasingly complex, getting it right can begin to feel like a moving target. And SMBs simply don’t have the luxury of engaging in trial and error to see what works. Their campaigns need to produce results quickly and be easily adapted to better meet marketing objectives.

To remedy this, marketers can combine their Search campaigns with Performance Max campaigns, which find valuable customers and multiply conversions across Google’s full range of advertising channels and inventory. Performance Max also uses the power of Google AI to do the hard work of discovering untapped and incremental conversion opportunities, and helps ensure optimal return on investment by using marketers’ critical inputs like business goals, campaign requirements, and creative assets. This frees marketers to focus on higher level marketing strategies, such as building a first-party data approach or analyzing insights to refine profitability targets.


Marketers who tap into the power of Google AI can help businesses large and small reimagine their digital marketing efforts, from measurement and creative assets to connecting with customers, and drive next-level growth. If you’re interested in understanding how Google AI solutions can improve your business strategy, review our AI Essentials checklist below and share it with your team.


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