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Microsoft Canada - In Support of Small Business Month

par Digital Main Street   |   2 octobre 2018   |   Partager :  

DID YOU KNOW? There are approximately 1.2 million active small businesses and they represent 97.9 percent of employers in Canada. Time to show our appreciation and help them stay safe!

As a tradition in its 39th successful year in Canada, National Small Business Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate small businesses and the contributions that they make to local communities and our Canadian economy. Small Business Week is October 14 to October 20—but we have decided to partner with our friends at Microsoft Canada and honor our small businesses all month long!

Microsoft’s mission this October is to teach small businesses the practice of “Business Self-Defense. With the support of numerous Boards of Trade, Chambers of Commerce, professional associations and groups plus their 7 retail stores, Microsoft will hold business self-defense events across the country this October—all designed to help raise awareness of digital threats and teach businesses how to defend themselves from harm.

In addition to reaching small and medium-sized businesses through in-person events, they will publish daily content extremely valuable for you and your business.  We are delighted to be sharing this content with you.

In case you missed any of the daily content – find it below!

October 1st – Watch it! Secure your devices before your data gets swiped

October 2nd – It only takes a click… the small business risk checklist

October 3rd – We all make mistakes… 10 security don’ts to help you avoid big trouble

October 4th – Still sharing passwords? Yikes! Train your employees on security basics

October 5th – 3 basic Azure security services to help you sleep better at night

October 6th – 10 ways to stay secure on the go

October 7th – Defend your devices! Three steps to BLOCK phishing scams

October 8th – Protect your reputation! Leverage the best of Microsoft in one secure bundle

October 9th – You’re not alone. Stop worrying & start playing it safe when it comes to your data

October 10th – Who’s watching out for your mobile security? Protecting a connected company

October 11th – The easiest way to upgrade your security in the office

October 12th – What to do when someone leaves your company

October 13th – What about compliance? Just migrate your data to the cloud

October 14th – Where are your data leaks? Cinchy knows

October  15th – Don’t get breached! Learn the true value of security

October 16th – Does GDPR affect you? Yes, embrace it.

October 17th – Reporting a data breach is now the law

October 18th – Blockchain? Why should I care

October 19th – What happens after you ditch your hardware

October 20th – 60% of businesses shut down after a breach

October 21st – Don’t let this happen to you! Practice Business Self-Defense instead!

October 22nd – The new language of business 

Ocotber 23rd – Business Self-Defense Round-up 

Please check out the Microsoft Small Business Blog throughout the month, as well as follow us on all social media channels to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


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