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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


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AAA Plan

A 'AAA' plan includes a great 8 page website, a free domain (up to $50), 10 free emails with 2 GB of storage each, 6 month of fast hosting, SEO, a marketing plan, and 2 hours of training.

North Western Applications, is proud to present their  ‘AAA’ plan which includes a great looking 8 page website, a static or WordPress Content Management Systema free .com or .ca domain($50 value), 10 free emails each with 2GB of storage, 6 months of free, fast hosting out of Canada, a free marketing plan for 2 platforms, and 2 free hours of support and/or traning. To see what North Western Applications has done for other customers visit

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