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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


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Brand & Marketing Development

We used a proven and agile process to work with you to develop your brand, from strategy and identity to marketing and communications planning, creative development and content execution.

We are a Thinking & Doing Shop.

Some think all it takes is a tweet to change the world. We believe it takes a little bit more.

Once we have a meaningful strategy and a solid creative solution we use the same tools people use in their everyday lives to bring it to life.

Sometimes it may not even be a conventional solution, but something broader or more intrinsic to the issue.



Branding/Brand Strategy 

Marketing Strategy 

Creative Strategy 

ESG Communication 

Cause Marketing 

Digital Strategy 







Cause Marketing Digital, Social & Traditional Creative

Digital Strategy Website Design & Development


So, how do we think and do together?

We approach all our work with two core beliefs. Meaning & Creativity.

Whether you’re a brand, a social issue or a company, you have meaning to someone. Meaning is made up of vital insights about you, the challenge or opportunity. The right amount and kind of strategic thinking allows you to uncover that meaning. 

For ourselves and our clients, it’s a collaborative, exciting and involving discovery. ​When we find it, we build it into everything we do together.

It’s undeniable. It’s proven. Be it in advertising, art and even business, how you express or present that meaning directly impacts, well… the impact. 

That’s creativity. And without it you’re only halfway to achieving the impact you’re looking for.


The best of both marketing partner worlds.

There is a wealth of talent and experience to be found in the advertising and marketing community. There are a number of agencies and individuals that could provide the level of expertise and experience you require – you are indeed spoilt for choice.

There are your more traditional agencies, more traditionally structured to service clients by offering multiple services and managing them through process, people and heavy infrastructure. On the flip side there are individuals or freelancers that are able to provide a single, nimbler service, but without broader expertise or scope beyond that, which may mean you having to seek out additional services.

General Public & Partners sits firmly in the middle.

We are a full service shop with broad, deep experience across multiple service offerings, coupled with the nimbleness and efficiency of working with an individual.

You work directly with the owners of GP&P, Cliff & Nic, as the core team. We are your single point of contact, responsible for all the work and fully accountable to you.

As each project and client is unique, we are able to draw on our diverse partners’ talents – all experts in their respective fields – to bring relevant, efficient and inspiring value to the projects at hand. What’s more many of our partners are running their own consultancies, which allows both you and us to support the wider advertising and marketing community.

Our rates too sit firmly in the middle – they are not those of a traditional agency and not those of a freelancer – we believe they are affordable and commensurate with our individual experience. We also understand that organizations may be at different stages of development, with tighter budgets for marketing – so we have developed a variety of fee plans to take this into account.

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