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Speers Creative

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Branding and Logo Development

"A brand is a reason to choose" Give your potential customers a reason to choose you over your competition with a custom branding structure for your business.

We believe every company, no matter it’s size, should be properly represented with it’s branding. Without an individual identity for your company and proper design to help you stand out, your company remains essentially invisible and doesn’t have a chance to rise above the rest of the companies in your industry. A brand Identity from Speers Creative will defenitly up you business game, giving you that competitive advantage. Here’s what you get:

– Logo development in multiple formats (.ai, .eps .jpg, .png) suitable for printing, web, social media, apparel etc.
– Colour palette to be used in conjunction with your logo and all brand materials
– A branded typeface specially selected to be used to best represent your company
– Brand Identity Guide, detailing your packaged identity and proper usages across the board. (We’ll show you the whole brand package and how to use to to its fullest effect to help get more clients!)

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