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A Power Hour will help you create smart, stress-free social content that can increase your visibility, help you stand out in your market, and attract more customers in a way that feels like YOU.

You want to make social media work for you — but something’s got you stuck.

You know that if you want to grow your community on social, you need a plan and the confidence to put it into action. But coming up with that plan is outside your zone of genius, the different features have got you confused, and time never seems to be on your side.

That’s where the Power Hour comes in to help!


Social Kat Power Hour

A one-hour 1:1 consultation designed to drive results

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to make the most of social media but keep drawing a blank and asking yourself what your next step should be, a Power Hour will be a game-changer.

The process is simple:

✔️ Purchase your Power Hour or Pack

✔️ Pick your date and time using the link we send you via email.

✔️ Complete the questionnaire as part of the booking process to identify the key areas you’d like to focus on.

✔️ Join Kat for a 1-hour video call on Zoom where we’ll work together in real time.

✔️ Check your inbox for your Power Hour recording, report and video summary.

✔️ Start implementing what you learned!

Ready to get started?