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Head office located: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada


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Contact Tracing for restaurants & tourism businesses. $50 off!

Asking Guests for their name and phone number, and keeping track of it by date and time for 30 days is time-consuming and awkward for staff and guests. have them text instead. Easy, fast, painless.

Contact tracing is mandated for GTA restaurants. 
You must record the name and valid phone number for one person from every party for 30 days as per Public Health. 
With our contact tracing service, a guest would simply text the “Name of Business” plus their name to our phone number and we capture their name, cell number and date and time of text, all information that may become vitally important in the weeks to come.
Once someone texts a keyword to a specific phone number to subscribe to that list, he/she can be contacted at any time and informed about exposure, told to self-quarantine, asked to call a number or click a link to complete a form.
When a guest subscribes, they automatically receive a text confirmation message. This text can be personalized with a message of your choice, such as a “welcome to …”, or with a link to your Menu, website, survey, a social media page, a link to Public Health COVID-19 information
page or any content of your choice.
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