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Data Center Infrastructure Technology Service Provider

Clarity believes migrating to the cloud should be clear, simple and cost effective. We’re dedicated to making cloud migration easy.

Clarity delivers the full spectrum of cloud possibilities. Working with you at every stage, Clarity’s cloud solutions specialists deliver seamless and effective cloud migration. As well, Clarity works with you to control and manage your cloud costs.

Whether you’re looking to migrate to the public cloud, private cloud, need a hybrid cloud or multicloud, Clarity’s custom cloud solutions are flexible, affordable, scalable and secure. Our full spectrum approach to creating innovative technology solutions, our deep knowledge of IT cybersecurity as well as our Cloud Managed Services creates an effective custom continuity strategy that meets your specific industry requirements.

Clarity identifies which of your workloads makes sense to move to the Public Cloud. Rather than leaving you to figure it out, we perform a cloud readiness assessment for you.  Throughout our assessment process, Clarity consults with you to develop a strategy based on your needs. Our cloud solutions specialists work with you to pinpoint your needs and help you build your public cloud, your way. Clarity’s cloud cybersecurity experts provide enhanced cloud cybersecurity products and services, safeguarding your data in Canada.

Clarity’s unparalleled expertise, over 25 years of experience, innovative approach and customer focused results, means you get more than a data center. You get a technology partner focused on giving you the freedom to grow your business. We’ve helped over 20,000 clients and businesses find unique technology solutions. We’ll take care of your technology, while you take care of your business.

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