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Digital Competitor Analysis

You can't standout from your competitors if you don't know what they're doing. We'll do a deep dive on two of your competitors' digital channels to identify how you can outperform them..

Don’t sleep on your competitors’ digital marketing efforts. 

A review of how your competitors are promoting their products and services, deepening their relationships in your industry and standing out in a competitive marketplace is a must for any leader looking to drive impact. 

By analyzing what your competitors are doing on their digital channels you can:

  • Differentiate your brand and brand story.
  • Uncover ways to outperform them.
  • Refine your marketing strategy to respond. 
  • Rank your brand against competitors, industry leaders and market influencers.
  • Inform and validate your marketing strategy to key stakeholders.

What is a digital competitor analysis? 

DJG will do a deep dive on two of your competitors’ digital channels to reverse engineer their organic content strategy, rate their execution and identify strengths and weaknesses. 

We will assess the topics, tactics and channel effectiveness of your competitors message and content. We then analyze these findings to pull out actionable insights and recommendations you can apply to your digital marketing strategy. 

This product includes: 

  • Discovery call to learn about your business and its top competitors. 
  • Analysis of two competitors’ organic content on five of their social media channels. 
  • Review of each competitors’ website content with a focus on their content marketing, such as a blog. 
  • Executive summary presentation call with our team to review key insights and actionable recommendations for your digital marketing strategy. 
  • A report outlining our findings about your competitors. 

How this works:

  1. Purchase our Digital Competitor Analysis product.
  2. Within 24 hours we will reach out to book an onboarding call to learn about your business, what you know about your competitors and what you wish you could know that we can help uncover. 
  3. Two weeks later, we’ll reach out to book a phone call to walk you and your team through the executive summary of our review of your competitors, which will include a summary of their digital marketing efforts, insights on what content is working and ideas you should avoid or fold into your digital marketing strategy. 
  4. Moments after that call, we’ll follow up with an email providing the full report of our findings. 

Time to Delivery: 12 business days

Need a more robust report on your competitors? Email us at [email protected] to discuss your goals.

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