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Digital Content Marketing Strategy

A solid Digital Content Marketing Strategy has never been more critical. DJG will use data, industry and market insight, competitor analysis and target audience research to deliver business results.

Did you know that 69% of the most successful content marketers have a strategy in place that’s actually written down? A data-driven, strategic plan for content production, publishing, tracking and measurement will ensure your brand maximizes its investment in content marketing. 

What is Digital Content Marketing Strategy?

A Digital Content Marketing Strategy captures what content your brand needs to build, engage, nurture and convert your target audience. It outlines what kind of content to create, where to publish it, how often to publish, how to track the content and how to measure it so you know it’s delivering value. 

DJG will use data, industry and market insight, competitor analysis and target audience research to determine how you can best use content marketing to drive meaningful business value for your brand. We will document the strategy for you and make recommendations on how to efficiently and effectively manage your new content marketing strategy once we hand it over.  

This product includes: 

  • A discovery call to learn about your business, clients, competitors, current marketing efforts and your goals. 
  • Audience Analysis 
    • Analysis of the digital audience of three social media channels.
    • Analysis of three months of Google Analytics data for your company’s blog.
    • Analysis of six months of email newsletter performance and available email audience analytics. 
    • Specific benchmarks for metrics so you can determine if your future marketing efforts are working or not. 
    • Three target audience personas based on our analysis.
  • Internal Content Review — only offered with this product
    • Review and assessment of existing content across up to five of your social media channels, your website or blog and your email newsletter.
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Analysis of two competitors’ organic content on five of their social media channels. 
    • Review of each competitors’ website content with a focus on their content marketing, such as a blog. 
  • Conversation Analysis — only offered with this product
    • Analysis and mapping of one target conversation across digital spaces using an industry-relevant mix of social media channels, search engine insights and highly shared content. 
  • Content Marketing Strategy 
    • A documented content marketing strategy captured in a slide deck that outlines results of our analysis, recommendations on what to publish, where and how often to reach your target audience. 
    • The recommendations will include 3 target personas, reach and engagement benchmarks and tips for efficiently producing content for your digital channels.  

Time to Delivery: 4 weeks 

How this works:

  1. Purchase our Digital Content Marketing Strategy product.
  2. Within 24 hours we will reach out to book an onboarding call to learn about your business, your current marketing efforts, your target audience, competitors, and goals for your content marketing strategy. We’ll also chat about what analytics you have available and what you can send us to review.  
  3. A week later we’ll book a call to share a few initial insights and ask follow up questions. 
  4. About three weeks after that, we will book a call to walk you and your team through our analysis, findings and the content marketing strategy for your business.  
  5. Moments after that call, we’ll follow up with an email providing the full report with all findings and recommendations.

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