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Chris Sanislo - Freelance Copywriter

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Digital Copy Development

Creating or updating your website? Developing your digital strategy? Ensure your communications make an impression. Remember, every interaction is a brand experience. Let's make it memorable.

Together, we can ensure your communication peices are delivering a positive brand experience. If you’re creating or updating your digital properties (such as your company website, your social media profiles, your digital advertising strategies, etc.), you have an opportunity to make an impression on your audience. And, best of all, motivate them to engage in your business. 

Depending on your needs, the general steps included in devloping copy for your digital communications are as follows: 

  • Understand and articulate your brand voice. How does your brand ‘sound’? This can be accomplished fairly quickly with some simple exercises and reviewing of your current materials. 
  • Outlining your objectives. What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish? What do you want your audience (and/or potential customers) to do? 
  • Write! By taking the inputs you’ve provided (or, we’ve uncovered), we bring the expertise to the table. This is the fun part. It’s a mix of independent copy development and collaboration. It’s where the voice of your brand comes to life.

Developing your digital copy is an enjoyable and satifying initiative. It provides you with the confidence of knowing that your brand, your business is representing you well. You’ll feel comfortable knowing that even a quick interaction with your audience is leaving a lasting impression. 

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