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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Burlington, Ontario, Canada


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Digital Marketing

Connect and engage with buyers online Like a well-oiled machine, digital marketing involves many moving parts. We utilize a holistic approach to ensure the components of your strategy drive

At Brelix, we’re passionate about two things: technology and marketing. We’re at our best when devising solutions geared toward streamlining the complex and exceedingly consultative sales process.

Our dedicated marketing team takes a proactive approach to every aspect of your marketing campaign. From raising brand awareness via highly targeted SEO efforts and paid search to moving your visitors through the sales process via informed content, every step of our process comes together to achieve two goals: shorten the sales cycle and increase ROI.



Marketing Capabilities


Increase your organic search traffic, improve online visibility and enhance your site’s performance with credible content and strategic SEO efforts.

Social Media Advertising

Use social advertisements to increase visibility and forge new relationships with prospects who might not otherwise have stumbled across your website.


Search Advertising

We know buyers, how they think and what drives them to take action. We align your website to help key decision-makers more efficiently do their jobs.


Email Marketing

When passion, innovation and strategy come together to form one cohesive marketing solution, the inevitable result is increased conversions.


Marketing Automation

Automatically trigger actions based on consumer behaviours and schedules, thereby streamlining the most basic and time-consuming marketing tasks.

Account-Based Marketing

Concentrate your sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts to reduce resource waste and acquire high-value leads.

Review Generation


We use state-of-the-art automation processes to gather, filter and promote customer reviews across your website, social channels and review sites.

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