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Head office located: Ontario, Trenton, Canada


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Digital Marketing/Website Foundations Package

Package for business owners who already have a website and simply want to refresh it and have ability to track its performance.

You already have a website, but have never really updated it nor do you have any idea how many visits or new customers you get from it. This package includes:

  • One-hour call to learn about your business goals and objectives.
  • We do an assessment of your website and provide you some recommendations on whether you need to do a full website redesign or simply refresh it based on your goals and budget. 
  • We install tracking and conversion codes to help you determine how well your website is doing in driving leads for your business. 
  • If you already have Google Analytics installed on your website and your site is already verified with Google Search Console, we will analyze the historical data and provide recommendations on how to improve your website performance.
  • If you have minor content updates to your website, we will do it for you as well.

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