Trendspire Inc.

Years in business: More than 30
Head office located: St. Catharines, On, Canada


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Digital Transformation in 90 Days

Tech-savvy companies are up to 80% more successful. Within 90-days, we assist can assist in adopting technologies that integrate well with existing systems. From E-Commerce, CRM to Sales Pipelines.

Our Specialization …

  • Business transformation through the adoption of digital products and tools
  • Vendor neutrality* approach to solution integration
  • Change management for multiple stakeholders
  • Analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Financial management and accounting

Hands-on Strategy, Migration and Training

  • Showcase emerging and affordable products
  • Training for key personnel in technology adoption
  • Increase market share and productivity
  • Migration and customization tasks
  • Integrate with current digital solutions

 On your Budget and Schedule

  • Mobilization to achieve strategic goals
  • Collaborative support for employees and BoD
  • Full-Service or affordable Self-Service Platforms
  • Ongoing or occasional support agreements
  • Convenient ‘pay-as-you-go’ plans

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