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Digital Transformation In A Box - A One-Step Solution to Grow Your Business

With just one call, you can establish or refresh the digital footprint of your business, helping you tell your story to the world, and attracting new customers to walk through your door.

Two of the best digital communication & media service providers in the Quinte region have partnered to deliver you an incredible deal! 

Lumaro Group and The Quinte Network have joined forces to provide you with a single, comprehensive solution to assist in the digital transformation of your business. It’s a partnership, and a solution, designed specifically to help you adapt to the new realities of entrepreneurship in the digital age. You get to focus on your business, while we help grow it stronger.

What You Get:

  • A beautiful, functional, fully-responsive website that you ownincluding 1 year of hosting, monitoring, domain registration, and training on how to update it…easily!
  • Complete setup/cleanup of all social media and search engine accounts relevant to your market to ensure alignment with your website, with an option to simplify your social media (write once/post all) using one of our subscription services
  • 2-3 minute fully-produced video for your website, social media, and business profiles, including a detailed listing for your business on
  • Boosting of your video to guarantee over 10,000 views on Facebook, which drives customers to your store, your location, your business (we can prove it)!

Let us help you tell your story.  Share your passion with the world.  We can help you do it with a single call.

Call 343-263-4643 or email [email protected]
to get started today!

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