Digital Genie Inc.

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


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We a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Web Development, Sales Funnel Planning, Paid Ads Campaign Management and much more. Our Goal is to Empower and Support Small Businesses!

-We first start off with an analysis of your business and the target market

-We then help you create a simple one page website or a dynmic website. Moving forward, we set up landing pages with your targeted services. Activate FB, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

-We will then look at all the channels of marketing and where we can streamline your ability to generate leads

-We will look at analytics to determine where the oppurtunity is and set targets accordingly

-In Marketing, it is very important for us to pivot as trends change. The account executive managing each client ensures a weekly touchpoint is maintained so that there is a consistent communication channel between Digital Genie and each client


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