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Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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E-Commerce is not just a part of your business. It's the core, even if you have a brick and mortar location.

Selling online forces you to ask key questions. How you answer those question determines your success at rolling out an online presence.

If you already have a brick and mortar operation, then the build and launch process is distinctly different than if it’s your first time selling on the internet. We take the time to understand what your goals are, what the business needs, and take that into our design process as we build a customized E-Commerce solution just for you.

Keep Your Options Open

With over 200 integration partners, your options will always remain open with Telos One. And if we don’t have the technology or process, we will go find it for you, or custom build it to suit your requirements.

What We Can Do For You


E-Commerce Development and Integration

We can build on several platforms, from super fast static HTML websites, to common platforms like WordPress and Magento. We are a certified BigCommerce Partner and can create on most SaaS systems like Shopify and Wix. We integrate analytics, perimter security and malware systems seamlessly for you.


End-to-End E-Commerce Management

Our secure, business-class servers are 100% Canadian and ready to scale with your growing business. In addition to managing your hosting, we are equipped to manage your domains, security policies, SaaS accounts, analytics and systems integration requirements.


Solution Sourcing

E-Commerce sites will have you believe online sales are a click away. That may be possible, but what about inventory management, accounting, taxes, fulfillment, shipping, and returns? We will build a custom set of tools that automate as much as possible at every step.


Business Intelligence and Analytics

Take control of your business and make better decisions driven by relevant real-time data. we pull together website and E-Commerce analytics, and tie in Social Media, Marketing and targetted advertising. We integrate and automate, so you can handle it all on your own or pass pieces of the process to your employees.

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