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We help you decide which kind of eCommerce would work best for you. We help you decide where you want your clients to find you & then make it so through creating it or training your team to do it.

We’ve been tirelessly helping businesses transition some of their products or services online, in that I find myself going through these same 4 steps, I thought I’d share them with you. As I type this, I realize it’s the traditional four P’s of marketing with a twist, Payment & Fulfillment! I thought I’d create an infographic and video for you to help you in your transition.

Who should care about this, those businesses who have not sold online before and are about to transition to selling services or products online in these times of #VirusEconomics.

Step One: Payment Systems

We walk you through your “Traditional Operations” and find the best fastest approach for you, we’re seeing eTransfers, PayPal & Square as the most popular (No one is dealing in cash any longer.) Both the Square & PayPal systems can create individual online product links you can use online.

Step Two: Product & Pricing: 

Choosing which products and services you’ll sell & setting your prices for each. We review each product and talk about prices that make sense in this economy. Essential Products and Services or Digital Products. We check out your industry and position yourself, products and services. 

Step Three: Fulfillment

We help you choose your delivery methods. For example, door drops or curb pickups or if it’s virtual, how you’ll deliver it virtually.

Step Four: Place:

Now we know the product, price, payment and delivery, it’s time to let everyone know. So we review where to post your new product links. Places like Google LIstings Product Posts, Facebook Products Posts, Facebook Shop, Links in Emails to Clients and of course, your website if you have access. What we’re finding is that many of the small retailers we’re working with do not have access to their websites, so we’re helping them achieve their reach through other means, like social, google, sms and email.

We are providing free virtual meetings to businesses in the Peterborough area right now, book a virtual appointment with us at www.123DigitalPower.com. 

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