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Engage Customers Using Promoted Posts With Video

We cater to you. If you just need a great website, you got it. Social Media assistance, you got it. Promoted posts, professional pictures and video. You got it. Plus, consultation for new businesses.

Now is the time to initiate action. Get your dream full-time business or part-time passion up and running. Let’s get going!

At Solaris Marketing we have one simple goal: build affordable, dynamic and engaging online properties. We’re the team that is perfect to work with home-based businesses, consultants, independent contractors, gig economy workers, small businesses, and organizations.

We cater to you, and your business – and that means consultation on more than just website design. We will give you some business consultation to help point you in the right direction when ever we can. We will also work with you to maintain your personal design ‘fingerprint’ across all online platforms. We will adjust your the design under your supervision and direction. Collaboration is a key to a successful relationship with you and campaign for your business.

We specialize in great promoted posts that will get organic engagement and help kick-start your business.

Get 12 months of hosting included with our website designs. Plus, additional packages for e-commerce, social media, promoted posts, photographs and videos, logo design, site content and traditional marketing and advertising all start at reasonable prices.

We have special promotions for Digital Mainstreet businesses, with a 25% discount off of monthly subscription for Promoted Posts; four post including one video post/month *minimum 3 month subscription.

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