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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Simcoe, Ontario, Canada


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Every Business Has a Story. We Help You Tell Yours.

Pen&Keys is YOUR communications resource. We help you tell YOUR story – online on air in print and in person. Pen&Keys is a small business, in a small town, with a small staff, and small overhead.

At Pen&Keys, We’re more than just advertising:
Your story is BIGGER than that!

What do we do?

*deep breath*

Would you like advertising that works as advertised?  Pen&Keys
How about Marketing that hits the mark? Pen&Keys
Want your socials to be more social? Pen&Keys
Need creative copy that is always creative, never copied? Pen&Keys
Does your resume need renovating? Pen&Keys
Pressed for a Press Release? Pen&Keys
Need assistance with funding applications? Pen&Keys
Looking for content that leaves visitors content? Pen&Keys
Are your team’s customer service skills in need of some shine? Pen&Keys
Starting a start-up? Pen&Keys
Does your business need a plan? Pen&Keys
Pondering a proposal? Pen&Keys
Could your reputation use some resuscitation? Pen&Keys
Want relatable public relations? Pen&Keys
Did you commit a public faux pas that needs to be publicly fixed?
Pen&Keys even does that!


The folks at Pen & Keys have written:

Resumes that beat the competition and got the gig.
Grant applications that got the funds.
Business plans that got the loan.
Speeches and campaign talking points for successful political campaigns.
Dozens of published magazine articles and columns.
Over a thousand radio commercials, heard by tens of thousands… maybe even you!
Hundreds of blog posts, read by hundreds of thousands…. just like you!
A score of short stories.
Numerous business cards.
Event clothing imprints.

At least one novel.

In short, the crew at Pen & Keys has been there, done that, and wrote the t-shirt!

How can Pen&Keys help you tell your story?


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