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Find Your Leverage with our Business Analyst Packages

Before investing tens of thousands of dollars with a custom software vendor, our Business Analysts will work with you to document your business objectives and software specification requirements.

When off-the-shelf is off-the-table, a well built custom solution is needed. When executed well, a custom solution can help you reach your business objectives and even see a return on investment many times over.

However, software projects can be complex, and have the potential to go over time, over budget, and out of scope. The key to custom software success is starting the project on the right foot with the help of an experienced team of business analysts, software designers, and developers.

At Konverge, we’ve been making custom software for over 27 years, and we know how to ensure a project is on track every step of the way. One of our most valued team members is our Business Analysts. Their role is to listen to our customers’ business goals and software ideas in order to create the proper documents that translate those goals and ideas into a successful software product.

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