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Find Your Voice Marketing Strategy

A great service for businesses that are uncertain about where to start with their online marketing plans or feel behind in their online approach. Includes a Brand Voice Profile & Marketing Strategy.

You don’t need to buy ads to have success online!
Do you feel behind with your online presence since COVID started? Do you want to do more with online marketing but don’t have the time to get to it? This is a great service if you are uncertain about where to start with your marketing plans or feel scattered in your online marketing approach.
We start with a 1 hour brand voice consultation on zoom where we dig deep to understand your ideal clients, your unique value and your key messages. You will receive a follow-up document with key messages, your elevator pitch and other voice elements to be used across all your content platforms.
Next, we meet for a 2-hour consultation to create a 6-month organic marketing strategy. We will get clear on your business goals, your content goals, and discuss specific content tactics that will help you reach them (think emails, blogs, newsletters, ebooks, social). You’ll be provided with an action plan that is designed to connect with your customer base in a genuine way through meaningful content and sound strategy. We then meet for a follow up zoom call to go over the plan, answer your questions and show you how we can help with implementation.
If you want to end your online marketing confusion and feel in control of your message and your brand we can get you there! Special discount for Digital Main Street Businesses!

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