Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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Gen-Z Marketing Services

We will advertise your business on any platform of your choice, such as Reddit, Twitter, Quora, Clubhouse,Twitch, NextDoor and more!

At Adblanket we have marketing specialists ready to serve your marketing needs. Newer platforms are cheaper than the older platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can get similar results utilizing lower costs per clicks. “Untapped platforms”, also have a diversity of audience and we believe your business should be advertising on these platforms before they become crowded.

Our 3 step process to get you started

  1. We begin by getting some basic information from you to gain some insights on your business. We then create a free market analysis that will take less than 3 days.
  2. Then we begin a discovery meeting for introductions, a benefits review, and an assessment of the best way for you to increase your revenue given different marketing strategies.

    3. Finally, we will create a free ads  account on your behalf, if you don’t have one and confirm the strategies that will be utilized to gain new customers on the desired ad platform. We Initiate the marketing phase.

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