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DG1 contains everything small and medium businesses need to succeed in the digital landscape. Marketing tools, CMS, mobile app, booking, and patented e-commerce - all in the same software environment.

DG1 is a cloud-based business suite software designed for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that cannot otherwise afford the huge upfront costs and liabilities of enterprise digital systems.

Many SMBs use third-party services for the convenience, but these companies actively prevent users from accessing customer data. And without it, sustainable growth will be extremely difficult to achieve in the digital era.

This is a critical issue as the next wave in the digital revolution (Industry 4.0) approaches – the gap between SMBs and corporations will only grow wider.

DG1 alleviates this data disparity, and was designed to return control back into business owners’ hands – where it belongs.

With more than 15 years of aggregated knowledge working on digital product development and enterprise systems, DG1 provides SMB owners with a simple, quick and functional platform that also offers them full access and ownership to customer data.

With no physical or software installations required, the DG1 platform is flexible, affordable and capable – everything SMB owners would want when running a business.

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