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Growth-Driven Strategy

Growth-Driven Strategy Product Research Discovery Process Digital Transformation

Understand, anticipate and deliver.

Product research helps you test concepts, refine ideas, and develop successful digital products your target audience will actually want to use.

It’s important to understand what your customers want, and the competitive environment of your current market. These two things can make the  difference between success and failure, not only at product launch but throughout the entire product lifecycle. Good product research can help reveal  unmet needs, identify desired features, and determine how well these will be received.

Spiria can take charge of an entire project, and employ diligent product research to help you draw the outline of a successful product. As part of a complete range of services, you will benefit from our team’s vast experience in research, analysis, marketing, design, and technology, as well as our ability to determine and apply quantitative and qualitative methods adapted to the project. 


Discovery Process

The right innovation plan for your digital journey.Illustration - Discovery Process

What is Discovery?

Discovery is a collaborative process that combines strategy, creativity and technology. Tailored to your needs, the discovery process is designed to help you mitigate risk, and innovate through product creation, customer experiences, and digital transformation.

Create your next success story

  • Deliver services in an innovative way
  • Add new features to existing products
  • Bring an idea to life that opens new markets and generates new revenue
  • Create more robust products by improving existing code and scalability
  • Build working prototypes that leave a lasting impression
  • Amplify your user base by elevating your customer experience
  • Lay out a solid digital strategy and roadmap to deliver results on KPIs

Elevate your business

  • Increase your resiliency or reinvent your business to face industry changes
  • Move away from legacy systems and modernize your IT ecosystem
  • Gain speed by adding cutting-edge technology to your processes
  • Undertake your digital transformation with an experienced partner
  • Focus on data-driven decisions and business intelligence for long-term growth

The Discovery Process

  • Set the stage

    Building a 360° overview of your business and customers.

    Discovery begins with our team of experts learning about your current business position, target market, and goals through a series of interactive meetings, workflows and surveys. This means hosting stakeholder interviews, leveraging our technological expertise, uncovering insights from your user data, and analyzing competitors.

  • Define

    Determining short-term needs and long-term business goals.

    Based on the information collected, the team collaboratively identifies both business and user needs, defines the key objective of the Discovery process and determines KPIs to provide your business the best return on investment.

  • Ideate

    Combining insights with expertise to generate innovative ideas.

    We pair our experience in product development and expertise in customer and user experience with our newfound insights from the previous stages. The team brainstorms unexplored opportunities and solutions to pain points that also support business goals. In this stage, we collaboratively define functionalities, ideate feature sets and sketch page layouts.

  • Create

    Bringing our research and ideas to life.

    Armed with solid data and innovative ideas, the team creates prototypes that bring the defined top task journeys to life. We create product design concepts to capture brand direction. Our experts also deliver data-driven persona documentation, alongside product lifecycle information. With everything in place and a clear roadmap, the team is ready to move forward to a low-risk and minimal-waste production cycle.

Illustration - Building.

Let’s turn your challenges into opportunities.

The Discovery process is available in a remote or an on-premise format. Our experts adjust the workshops and provide digital tools according to the set-up that best serves your team.

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