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Individual Profile - Short Video Story

A short, engaging video; ideal for small businesses or individuals, to showcase who you are and what you do.

For a short profile video like the example below, Floating Boat Media offers the creative services of a small, very experiences and focused team, to create a cinematic final product – from initial conception to final delivery.
An example of what this package would look like:
-> 1 to 2 days of planning (pre-production). Any preferred combination of email co-ordination, over the phone discussions or in-person meetings are conducted prior to beginning the filming process, to establish a clear plan and maximize the use of the filming time.
-> 1 to 3 days of filming (or partial days).  The first portion of the filming is typically an interview recording -though not necessarily a traditional sit-down interview – to record what will be used in the edit as the main arc of the story being told. To support that story, additional filming is done to gather the suitable visuals.  A ‘partial day’ or half-day may just require a couple of hours to film supplementary visuals to support the edit.
-> 2 to 4 days of editing and revisions. A typical package and workflow would include 3 – 4 revisions; the first edit delivered as a rough cut, then based on the first round of notes and feedback a revised edit, then either 1 or 2 more additional rounds of adjusting the edit before reaching the final product, with approved music.
-> Final delivery: Once final approval of the video is reached, the video file is delivered via a link to download in any format(s) necessary. Support is available to aid the uploading and presentation of the video is needed.

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