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iOS, Android and PWA mobile app development for small businesses

The mobile revolution is here. Combining the latest in smartphone and web technology, we can develop a mobile app for your business that is highly discoverable. You can continue engaging with your cus



It’s imperative for any business to quickly adapt with the latest technological developments


The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can be applied to a business who has not invested in a mobile app. Without a mobile app a customer may look elsewhere as they may receive a better experience with a competitor. Mobile apps are not just for larger businesses, it has now become essential for a business of any size to implement an app into their mobile strategy.


For businesses in any industry, both client attraction and customer engagement are important. In order to remain competitive, brands must develop their offering based on the preferences and tastes of existing and prospective customers. It is impossible for brands, large and small, to survive if they fail to identify the changes in buyer behavior. In contrast, companies with specially designed and created apps can identify changes in purchase trends. A business can serve customers in a better way, so that they will come back for repeated usages. 


Here are five reasons for a business to have a mobile app in 2022;


Visibility – An effective mobile presence will help a business attract more attention and increase growth. Surveys have shown that adults spend two hours and 51 minutes every day on their phones. It gives any business enough time to grab the attention of their audience using compelling content.


Sales – The role of mobile apps is for a business is to motivate customers to buy their products and services. This becomes evident when a business understands the kind of relationship that modern-day customers have with their smartphones. Mobile apps that are well designed have enabled rapid revenue growth, especially during the eCommerce boom.


Wider audience base – In addition to helping a business build brand awareness, apps also allow connectivity with a broader audience. A business can greatly benefit from apps when it comes to growing and promoting their brand, especially for attracting younger demographics. By reaching out to diverse audiences and creating curiosity about products, services, and special offers, they can reach out to more customers.


Customer Experience – A business can impress their customers with an exceptional user interface, a well-designed UX, and numerous features. Apps are a direct channel of communication; they help a business elevate the level of user-friendliness and customer service they provide. In the areas of loyalty programs and direct promotions, Starbucks leverages third-party platforms to create excellent digital engagement through its mobile app. This allows their customers to order and pay and participate in loyalty programs.


Marketing – Businesses can customize their apps with exclusive offers, direct marketing, in-app messaging, and more. Mobile apps have proven to be far superior to other marketing techniques and technologies in terms of customer retention and brand loyalty. Using mobile apps for marketing purposes can help a business improve customer engagement, generate repeat orders, retain customers, and monetize their presence in the virtual world.


A business can have more control and can engage with more customers thanks to mobile apps. As the need for mobile apps is high in demand, it’s expected that the upcoming wide scale adoption of mobile apps will replace the desktop and web versions of the ecommerce business.


BOME Solutions can help local entrepreneurs achieve high levels of revenue and build apps without technical experience. It has never been more important for businesses to have an effective strategy in order to survive and make sales.


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