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JAM Session -DMS Social Media Package

A one-on-one learning session to help you get the most of your social media 3 hours diving into what YOU want help with. From basic set up to content creation, insights and audience targeting

This one-on-one session will help you to navigate how to create a strong social media presence through the eyes of your target consumer to meet your business goals.

This session is designed around YOUR current level and needs and will guide you through the areas of your choice. From true beginner to more advanced learnings I will help you create a path for success. 

Areas might include

  • Setting social media goals
  • Identifying your social media target audience 
  • Initial set-up tips
  • Steps on how to plan a strategic calendar
  • Content creation based on goals
  • How to integrate with your current offline marketing initiatives
  • Understanding analytics and what to do with that information 
  • and more 


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