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Katana Digital Roadmap | Technology Bootcamp | Turn Technology Chaos to Order

The name of the game is managing data and communications effectively and the Katana Digital Roadmap is the foundation product of the Digital Samurai suite of services that address that need.

The Most Important Skill to Learn in the Digital Age


Digital Samurai builds end to end marketing and technology solutions to support remote work from anywhere.

We provide easy-to-use marketing systems and Content Production Automation so you can effortlessly generate the most valuable content for social media, user-created videos. The process is what makes us unique.

We enable you to focus on telling your story using video to capture spontaneous moments of creativity that add value to your target audience.

We help you reveal your unique expertise, so you can grow your reach and revenue faster and over time, outsource all the tedious work to us.

The Digital Samurai Content Automation Engine | Success Simplified™

Content Bank Codec | Digital Samurai Studios | Outsourcing Made Easy!


Content Bank Codec | Digital Samurai Studios | $997 Limited Time Offer!

Have you ever used an outsource service to do creative work?
If you have, you probably know how challenging it can be.

Nearly 50% of employers that outsource say the quality of their service providers and a reactive versus proactive attitude are the most frustrating issues to deal with.

Digital Samurai reimagined outsourcing to make it easier to get what you want, when you want, without all the hassles and back and forth, wasting time.

The Content Bank Codec includes everything you need to create your content production profile. Your profile will allow you to streamline content production so you can save time, improve ROI, and boost profit!

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