Chevalier Thurling

Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada


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Livestream your live concert, performance, event or meeting. Post production options include multichannel, professional audio mix, video editing and animation, and social media versions. VOD

Working through our subsidiary, Wiretone Records, our team can provide multi-camera live streaming of your concert, performance, event or meeting anywhere in Grey Bruce (pending Internet availability and venue rules).

In partnership with Heartwood Hall, we can provide up to 7-camera live streams with additional video and graphics playback with custom branded titles, slates and credit roll.

Smaller off-site packages include 2-4 camera setups.

Post-production services to help promote your event are also available, as well as post-event cut downs of your footage that can be used as YouTube ads, reels or shorts. We can help you leverage your assets on social media.

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