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Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Erinsville, On, Canada


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Marketing Consultation

Working with you to understand your business goals, we will review your marketing materials, competition and industry and provide comprehensive recommendations.

Once your brand is established, your marketing materials are usually what a potential customer engages with as they explore their options. This includes everything from business cards and brochures to websites and client proposals). These materials can get out of date quickly as your product or service offerings evolve.

Our marketing consultation package is the first step in identifying where to focus your marketing efforts, and specifically what collateral is critical to set up your business for success.


How our Marketing Consultation works

What You Get: We will develop a range of potential solutions to meet your business needs. This will include what we understand about your competition’s marketing as well as the “pulse” of the industry and market you are operating in.

Timing: 2-3 weeks on average from kickoff meeting to delivery of a pdf presentation

Our Fee: $1,000 | Includes a $1,000 credit towards a Marketing Overhaul

Customers that choose to move forward after the consultation with a Marketing Overhaul (using one of the provided solutions) will get a $1,000 credit towards the work.

We offer this, because any agency that develops marketing collateral should be thoroughly researching the competitive landscape as well as taking the time to understand what the customer’s business goals are. This means we need to do this work anyway, so you shouldn’t have to pay for it twice.

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